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How to choose the brand of hydrogen-rich water cup

Hydrogen products are a way to achieve hydrogen intervention or auxiliary treatment of diseases, and hydrogen water on the market is a convenient way to obtain hydrogen. It is to use hydrogen to dissolve in water to produce hydrogen water. The solubility of hydrogen in water is 1600ppb at one atmospheric pressure and normal temperature. The solubility of hydrogen can be increased by pressurization or nanobubbles, but two points must be paid attention to.

1、Safety in the production of hydrogen water

Although hydrogen is safe, in the process of making hydrogen water, the original water quality cannot be changed, such as changing the acidity and alkalinity, and whether there are harmful substances produced.

2、Marked concentration and actual hydrogen concentration used

The labeled concentration of some bags of hydrogen water is often different from the concentration in actual use, because the hydrogen molecules are small and easy to escape. After making hydrogen water from a hydrogen-rich water cup, it is generally consumed within 15-30 minutes, otherwise the hydrogen will gradually escape.
If the hydrogen-rich water cup is pressurized to increase the concentration of hydrogen water, the actual hydrogen concentration after opening the lid must be considered, but the hydrogen concentration under pressure cannot be considered.

The detection method of hydrogen water solubility includes methylene blue reagent, and the more accurate electrode gas chromatography detection method used in the laboratory or medical research field.