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a) Hydrogen health

i. Principles of molecular hydrogen medicine

Molecular hydrogen medicine originated from Japanese scholars, oxidative stress response.

ii. Molecular Hydrogen Medicine

Combining theory with practice, this book fully verifies the medical effect of "hydrogen control of cancer" from the scientific basis of hydrogen molecular biology, hydrogen medicine, hydrogen maintenance of health and hydrogen control of cancer, combined with experimental evidence and typical cases.
This book from the biological theory of hydrogen molecule, clinical research, fully explained the selective antioxidant effect of hydrogen, as well as the medical effect on type 2 diabetes, malignant tumor, colitis, Parkinson's disease and other diseases. Ordinary people are advised to drink hydrogen-rich water for health.
Why does this book get sick from human organisms? Why is hydrogen-rich water good for the body? The concept and utility of hydrogen-rich water, how to detoxify? Hydrogen-rich water for the treatment of various difficult diseases, such as convenient examples and characteristics, detailed introduction of the water of life - hydrogen-rich water truth.
This book will be rich in hydrogen ion products and Edison invented the invention of the electric light bulb, fully explain the medical effects of hydrogen on aging, illness and other bodily symptoms, with easy-to-understand words and pictures to let more people know about hydrogen, and use hydrogen to improve health, eliminate.

iii. Common medical effects of hydrogen

Disease The Role Of Hydrogen
High uric acid

Hydrogen has therapeutic effect on hyperuricemia in men.

The PLA General Hospital published in 2017《Chinese Journal of Clinical Health care》

High blood sugar

Hydrogen-rich water has certain therapeutic effect on diabetes.

Kyoto Prefectural Medical University, Japan, 2008《Nutrition Research Reviews》


Hydrogen has therapeutic effect on pregnancy - induced hypertension.

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Tongji Hospital affiliated to Tongji University, 2011 Published in 《Placenta》

Hyperlipidemia Hydrogen-rich water is associated with lipid levels in patients with metabolic syndrome.
It has a significant improvement effect Professor Li Min, CAI Yazuo, Qin Shucun, Taishan Medical College
The tumor cells

Hydrogen neutralizes tumor cells by producing harmful reactive oxygen species School of Biomedicine.

Sichuan University published in《Journal of Biological Materials Research》in 2013

Tumor necrosis factor

Hydrogen can alleviate tumor necrosis factor-induced osteoblast injury.

The PLA General Hospital published in《Mol Cell Biochem》in 2012

Cutaneous cell carcinoma

Therapeutic effect of high pressure hydrogen on skin squamous cell carcinoma.

Professor Malcolm Dole, Wilson, William, 1975 in《Science》


Hydrogen prevents radiation-induced lymphoma in mice.

Department of Radiology, Second Military Medical University,《Int JBiol Sci》, 2011


Hydrogen can prevent periodontal disease.

The Institute of Medical Research, Okayama University, 2011《Journal of Clinical Periodontology》

Arthritis Oral hydrogen has definite therapeutic effect on joint inflammation Wang Yiwen, Master of Changzheng Hospital, Second Military Medical University, Professor Xu Huji

Hydrogen-rich water has a protective effect on gastric ulcer.

The First Affiliated Hospital of Xi 'an Jiaotong University Medical College 2014 Published in《the World Journal of Gastroenterology》


Hydrogen-rich water has obvious regulating effect on colitis.

The Forsyth Institute in Boston, United States, launched in 2009 Table in BBRC《Biochemical and biophysical Research Communications》


1. What is hydrogen-rich water?

Hydrogen-rich water is water in which hydrogen is dissolved. Hydrogen usually only slightly dissolves in water. At room temperature and pressure (25 atmospheres), its saturation concentration is 1.6 PPM, and its solubility is slightly lower than oxygen.1.6 PPM Hydrogen Water.

2.Is hydrogen safe for humans?

Hydrogen is an endogenous gas. Anaerobic bacteria in the intestinal flora of the body produce a large amount of hydrogen. Hydrogen is included in the exhaled and exhaled gases of the human body.

3. How is hydrogen absorbed by the body?

Hydrogen, or hydrogen molecule, is the smallest molecule in the universe. It diffuses into the skin, mucous membranes, bones, blood-brain barrier, any organ in the body, tissue cells, and intracellular structures including mitochondria and nucleus.

4. What are the benefits of hydrogen?

Hydrogen has a very wide range of biological value, the basic principle is hydrogen gas by selective oxidation of free radicals in the body by scavenging harmful malignant, including hydroxyl free radicals and nitrous acid anion selective antioxidant effect embodied in beauty anti-inflammatory allergy fatigue resistance against radiation aging resistance against cell mutation metabolic regulation of immune cell apoptosis regulating tissue repair.

5.In what ways does the body oxidize?

Hydrogen can penetrate directly into the skin a simple way is before and after drinking, with a dry mask dipped in hydrogen-rich water applied on the face, long-term use has a very good antioxidant beauty effect;Patients with chronic rhinitis can be washed with hydrogen-rich water nasal cavity;People with dry eyes and cataracts can use hydrogen-rich water for their eyes.

6.Is there any other use for hydrogen besides drinking it?

Breath hydrogen to chronic respiratory diseases such as emphysema, lung nodules will be coronavirus infection in patients with rehabilitation has a direct effect of hydrogen bubble bath is also a new application method, because the hydrogen molecule strong penetrating power, it is easy to penetrate the skin surface into the body cells, until the nucleus and mitochondria, and this method was applied to a variety of stubborn type there are improvements to the skin in addition you can also use the mask or use contains rich in hydrogen hydrogen filling water spray device, etc.

7.In what ways does hydrogen have an anti-inflammatory effect?

Long-term drinking hydrogen-rich water can relieve chronic inflammation in the body, while improving immunity, enhance disease resistance, less cold fever or reduce cold fever symptoms including otitis media gingivitis chronic bronchitis chronic pelvic inflammation rheumatoid arthritis and so on.

8.Does hydrogen have effect to allergic constitution?

The so-called allergic constitution is mostly due to the immune dysfunction caused by the environment and age. In essence, allergy is a problem of the immune system. Long-term consumption of hydrogen-rich water can greatly alleviate the allergic symptoms caused by contact dermatitis, eczema, urticaria, allergic asthma, allergic rhinitis, etc.

9.In what aspects does metabolic regulation reflect?Can you lose weight?

Drinking hydrogen-rich water can promote the lipid metabolic regulation of blood pressure blood sugar, thus relieve hypertension diabetes complications of metabolic syndrome experiments show that the hydrogen by promoting liver FGF21 factor so as to promote the lipid metabolism, have the effect of weight loss a lot of user feedback, use 2 liters of hydrogen-rich water every day, a month to lose weight 1.5-2.5kgs.

10.How is the specific effect that adjusts blood pressure?

After drinking hydrogen-rich water for 3 months, the blood pressure of many patients with hypertension drops by 20-30mmhg. After drinking hydrogen-rich water for more than one year, the blood pressure can be adjusted to the normal level. Some patients gradually stop taking the drug.

11.What are the specific effects on other metabolic diseases including diabetes gout?

To improve more quickly in the diabetes complications, general drinking hydrogen-rich water for a month, complications, and even gone three months or so blood sugar began to decline, insist on drinking more than one year, can gradually reduce medicine erectile dysfunction caused by diabetes also has definite effect in patients with gout, generally no longer drink about three months gout attacks, six months to one year 12 blood uric acid values back to normal.

12.What is the research status of hydrogen at home and abroad?

So far, the hydrogen molecular medicine papers published at home and abroad has more than 900, which accounts for a quarter of the current domestic paper, papers have been published experimental verification and hydrogen treatment or to improve the effect of disease including metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, atherosclerosis obesity hangover erectile dysfunction, and so on more than 60.

13.What population is suitable for drinking hydrogen-rich water?

All people are free to drink, especially under great pressure white-collar subhealth crowd athletes love beauty, pregnant women and people with health care and anti-aging needs.

iv. Hydrogen as a cure for disease

v. Hydrogen health product range

b) Homemade disinfectant 

Sodium hypochlorite disinfectant generator is a simple operation tool for making sodium hypochlorite disinfectant. The material needs salt and water.
Add proper amount of salt and water into the disinfectant manufacturing instrument as shown in the picture on the right, pass electrolysis for about 5 minutes, and hear ten beeps alarm sound, indicating that sodium hypochlorite disinfectant has been prepared.
Sodium hypochlorite disinfectant is simple to make and easy to use, and can be used by a family for several days at a time. This kind of disinfectant sterilizes time to be short, commonly 2 -- 10 minutes can kill coliform bacillus, fungus, hepatitis virus, spore and golden grape ball to wait for common pathogenic bacteria and virus completely, kill rate achieves 99.9%. It can effectively prevent H1N1, hepatitis, venereal disease, dysentery and other diseases.
At the same time, three kinds of highly effective disinfectants can be produced by using the special functions of this machine to meet various disinfection requirements. And so on!

The functional characteristics of this sodium chlorate disinfector can be summarized as follows:

1. The process of producing sodium hypochlorite disinfectant safety is simple: salt water, electricity for 5 minutes, can be made from non-toxic harmless sodium hypochlorite disinfectant disinfection sterilization
2. Sterilization time is short, generally 2 to 10 minutes all kill e. coli fungal spore hepatitis virus and staphylococcus ball and other common pathogenic bacteria and virus, kill rate of 99.9% can effectively prevent a sense of swine hepatitis venereal diseases such as dysentery infection
3. Widely used: those that water immersion bath items food body is can be safe and effective disinfection clean deodorant antisepsis bleaching human body health care four aspects such as using
4. Low cost: 500 ml (0.5kg) efficient disinfection concentrate, only salt 2g, 0.008 degrees, electricity cost about 3-5 cent RMB, can let a family to use several days long
5. Service life: under normal circumstances, the disinfectant generator can be used for more than 20 years
6. Liquid system function: can use the native special features to make three different kinds of efficient disinfectant, to meet the demand of different kinds of disinfection
7. Adaptation range: suitable for medical and health care financial hotel restaurant pharmacy store travel the government schoolA. Kindergarten, hotel, supermarket, manicure shop, beauty shop, massage shop, bath center, campus and Internet bar, food, medicine, medical supplies, production enterprises, home and office personnel.

c) Oral health

the junction of teeth and gums has a groove about 2 mm deep around the teeth but not attached to the teeth, it is called gingival groove.This is the most important junction to the root of the tooth, but it is the most contaminated, and the most likely place to cause tooth and gum disease. 

Gingival crevices and crevices are the two most difficult places to clean, with studies suggesting that up to 40 percent of the surface of teeth cannot be cleaned with a toothbrush.Although flossing (or a toothpick) can remove debris from the surface of the tooth, the microscopic appearance of the uneven surface of the tooth will still be unclean.Only a very thin layer of nutrient film is needed for bacterial growth, and the harmful effects of the remaining dirty film are still partially present.

A combination of crushing force and pressure water that can be drilled into a hole is, in principle, the most ideal way to clean your mouth.According to the United States agencies concerned, the pressure water column can be rushed into the gingival groove wash to a depth of 50 to 90 percent.

The pressurized water column can not only clean all kinds of crevices and cavities, but also achieve microscopic thorough cleaning rather than macroscopic rough cleaning.In addition to the function of cleaning teeth and oral cavity, water also massage the gums, promote the blood circulation of gums and enhance the disease resistance of local tissues;Can also eliminate bad breath because of the poor oral hygiene.

Electric shock dental unit is a new kind of oral cleaning utensils, in Europe and America, blunt tooth cleaner is indispensable for a lot of family health supplies dental unit also entered China, many people have gradually in love with the comfortable and effective dental care appliances for exposure between teeth.

Blunt tooth cleaner cleaning effect is fairly good dental unit through the pump body of water pressure, can produce 800 ~ 1600 times per minute of superfine high pressure pulse water column, well-designed nozzle can make this kind of high voltage pulse water column to scour the obstacles to any part of oral, including a toothbrushDental floss toothpicks to be deep enough to the teeth and gums in flushing 1 3 minutes after a meal, can put the food residue in the teeth of clastic rinse blunt teeth impact high-voltage pulse current is a kind of flexible stimulation, such water not only won't hurt any part of the mouth or face, and the effect of massage the gums, feel comfortable to make blunt teeth tooth role into full play, it is best to every time after dinner to get it rushed over the teeth, the another gargle habitsIn general, blunt dental unit with water, can also add mouthwash or analgesic anti-inflammatory drugs.

Targeted to strengthen the result of some of the old teeth is larger, with a blunt teeth is easier to remove food residue of teeth impact feed compared with toothpicks, the biggest advantage is that it no matter how also won't hurt the teeth surface or periodontal blunt dental unit and dental floss toothpicks are lacking.