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Effect of Hydrogen-rich Cups on the Human Body

Hydrogen-rich cup is a device that produces hydrogen-rich. The water is converted into electrolytic reduction water by electrolysis technology to produce hydrogen. Hydrohydate can improve sub-health and have an adjuvant treatment of some diseases. Hydrogen has been rapidly studied in recent years. Hydrogen has a certain adjuvant therapeutic effect on a variety of diseases, so the product on hydrogen is started, and the hydrogen-rich cup is a simple portable device of one of the effective electrolytic hydrogen. .
The effect of hydrogen-rich cup to the human body:
Brain: Improve memory and attention, discharge heavy metals to prevent stroke.
Heart: Carrying hydrogen-rich molecules produces bioelectrics to support heartbeats, improve cardios.
Kidney: Prevent renal dehydration, electrolyte balance, regulate blood pressure, reduce uric acid and prevent kidney stones.
Small intestines: solve the problem of stomach, avoid constipation, colon detoxification and avoid colon fermentation.
Vascular: reinforced blood vessel wall, improve blood circulation, increase osmotic strength, discharge arterial porridge hardening