Water Flosser

With the mission of exploring low-cost home health solutions, Wopin is an innovative health technology company focusing on R&D, design, production, sales and service of water flosser health technology products.

Wopin Water flosser made in China adopts a retractable water tank design. The nozzle can be stored inside the main unit and can be easily stored and carried with you. The patented water pump has stronger power and the 1500 mAh battery has super battery life. The whole machine is IPX7 waterproof, clean and worry-free, the chip comes with a memory function, which is easy to use, and the automatic power-off is safer. With a variety of nozzles to meet various oral cleaning needs.

As the professional water flosser manufacture, Wopin technology has applied for and obtained more than 70 patents, more than 100 trademarks, more than 10 national Copyrights, 3 ISO certifications, 1 hygiene license and 1 sales license. It adopts "hot style product ODM and OEM" to provide intelligent, technological and healthy products for consumers, so that more people can enjoy a high-quality healthy life.
At present, there are three product lines of hydrogen-rich products, household disinfectant making machines and oral irrigator. Why make these 3 seemingly unrelated products? Hydrogen is currently the lowest cost, the safest antioxidant material, is the first choice of home health products; Use the same electrolysis technology to develop the disinfectant making machine can easily produce disinfectant water, sterilization; At the same time, keeping oral hygiene, avoid oral inflammation can prevent oral diseases. So products in all three areas are low cost home health solutions. Here comes the little penguins,made in China dental water flosser mini oral irrigator for teeth cleaning,the water flosser in the pocket.
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As a professional China Water Flosser manufacturers and Water Flosser suppliers, we provide customers with comprehensive project management services. Customized Water Flosser with cheap price or low price is of high quality. Welcome to buy discount product made in China from our factory. you can rest assured to buy advanced and latest selling products from us. If you want to know more, please contact us.
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