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Our company participated in the 104th China Food &Drinks Fair


On April 7, the 104th China Food &Drinks Fair was held in Western China International Expo City.

The total exhibition area of this year'sChina Food &Drinks Fair is 215,000 square meters, and the scale of the exhibition is the largest ever.

Inthe16 exhibition halls and some outdoor venues in Western China International Expo City , six exhibition areas for traditional alcohol, wine and international spirits, food and beverages, condiments and ingredients, food machinery, and food packaging have been set up, and there are 11 special zones including international beer, wine utensils, international machinery, beverages and dairy products, imported food, snack food, e-commerce catering chain franchise, food ingredients and additives, tea and hot pot.

Guangdong Wopin Technology Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the exhibition and displayed the black technology decanter--small wine cellar, new personal care product--portable and household smartwater flosser, and a battle disinfection tool exported to more than 20 countries around the world--sodium hypochlorite electrolysis manufacturers and other series of products.

Sobering black technology--small wine cellar, new wine becomes aging, protects the liver and does not hurt the body.

A new product for personal care--portable and household smart water flosser, tooth cleaning and health care, the source manufacturer.

A battle disinfection weapon that is exported to more than 20 countries around the world--sodium hypochlorite electrolysis maker. Just add salt and water to quickly electrolyze to produce a high-concentration disinfectant, with a sterilization rate of 99.9999%, which is certified by authoritative testing.

Finally,we wish the company a complete success for this exhibition! Get a bumper harvest!

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