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  • Confused about the Oral irrigator, do you still need a Oral irrigator if you have an electric toothbrush? This question is frequently asked. The principles of the two are different, and the dental problems they solve are also different. Because the electric toothbrush is a physical friction, it can remove some dirt attached to the surface of the teeth, such as food residues and plaque, while the Oral irrigator uses water and air power to clean some dead corners around your teeth.


  • Water flosser uses pressurized water to flush between teeth and gum crevices, cleaning out areas where dental bacteria can easily hide. Usually


  • Nowadays, the working principle of most Water Flosser on the market is to produce high -voltage pulse water columns through the pump body to clean the water pillar, and the impact of the water flow to clean the gap between the side gaps of the teeth, the gaps of the gums and the teeth. The gums play a role in improving blood circulation and relieving toothache.


  • The Mini Oral Irrigator is also called the water toothline, the shake teeth, the Mini Oral Irrigator is rumored by the sprayed strong pulse water flow, and the residue of the dental, gums, the tooth hoop, etc. Clean the teeth, improve the purpose of gums.


  • Mr KuangYun has a deep strong interest on electrolysis technology in college , during the period of school has developed many new electrolyzer products,have been engaged in teaching and research of electrolytic technology after the graduation(China hydrogen machine)


  • In addition to the function of cleaning the dental oral, the Water Flosser has a massage to the gums, which can promote the blood circulation of the gum, enhance local tissue resistance, and eliminate bad breaths due to oral hygiene. ​