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Are Water Flossers Better Than Flossing?

Many people clean teeth by brushing and flossing regularly. However, many people will have a question, is it possible to replace the traditional dental floss with water flosser?

Brushing is an effective way to remove plaque from the surface of teeth. However, this method does not effectively remove food between the teeth and the gum line.

Dental floss, a thin thread that is passed between the teeth and gently scraped up and down on each side of the teeth to remove plaque and food residue.

Disadvantages of the traditional dental floss:
1. It is difficult to clean part of the oral cavity with dental floss, and it is difficult to clean the whole mouth.

2. If you don't use dental floss regularly, it may cause slight bleeding.

3. May cause gum allergy.

4. Some people feel that dental floss is difficult to use and it is difficult to operate.

Oral irrigator is also called water floss. It is different from traditional dental floss.
It is a special machine that directs the flow of water into the mouth and gums. Instead of scraping teeth like traditional dental floss to remove plaque. Water flossing uses the pressure of water to massage the teeth and remove food residues from the teeth.

Oral irrigator has many advantages. 
1.The dental flusher is suitable for everyone, even those who wear braces can also use it. Or wear other types of dental materials, such as permanent or temporary tooth bridges.

2. Water floss can massage the gums to improve the health of the gums.

3. It can clean the oral cavity area that traditional dental floss can't clean.

A study was published in the Journal of Clinical Dentistry. Compare water flosser with traditional dental floss. Researchers found that those who used water floss had a 74.4% reduction in dental plaque. The use of traditional dental floss decreased by 57.7%. Other studies have also found that people who use dental appliances can effectively reduce gingivitis and gum bleeding.

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