The Joint Laboratory of Hydrogen-rich Technology was jointly established by Beijing University of Chemical Technology and Wopin Technology with the mission of promoting the development of hydrogen-rich technology and creating a high-quality healthy life for human beings. 

The research and development team of the laboratory includes: 4 professors, 2 associate professors, dozens of master and doctoral professionals. 

The core of the laboratory is nanometer hydrogen bubble technology. Nanometer bubble hydrogen dissolution technology has unique advantages such as ultra-long dissolution time and ultra-high dissolution concentration, occupying the technical heights of the industry.

In order to promote nanotechnology to change the quality of human life as its own responsibility, has been committed to the "optimization" and "practical" nano materials research and promotion. In the field of electrocatalysis, with the goal of "making the best nanometer electrode", we hope to give full play to the advantages of the team in nanometer synthesis and prepare structured electrodes with "high specific surface, porosity, permeability and adjustable wettability". 

Beijing University of Chemical Technology and Wopin Technology have established the Joint Laboratory of Hydrogen-rich Technology to conduct in-depth cooperation in key project construction, personnel training, formulation of national standards, research and development of core raw materials, and transformation of scientific and technological achievements in related fields of hydrogen.