• Water Flosser
  • Hydrogen Water Glass
  • Water Replenishing Instrument
  • Disinfectant Making Machine
  • Hydrogen Water
  • Hydrogen water machine


Four cores (high quality,high efficiency, reasonable price,good feature)compare to the competitor. There are 4 production assembly lines which can meet customer large order requirement. Water flosser capacity can reach to 100,000 sets per month. Our Goal: High product quality & best price with excellent service for our customers


It has obtained a number of technical patents, has a professional laboratory research and development team, with nano hydrogen bubble technology as the core, occupying the technical commanding point of the industry.


Our aim is to let customers feel the vitality and advanced nature of the enterprise, and win the satisfaction of customers with reasonable prices and excellent pre sale customer service.

Guangdong Wopin Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2016 with a registered capital of 5 million yuan. More than 5,000㎡ dust-free workshops, 4 assembly lines, and 100,000 sets of water flosser production capacity per month. Wopin Technology is an innovative health technology company focusing on the design, R&D, production, sales and service of smart health products. Our company commits to technological innovation and brings customers a healthy and quality life. Wopin Technology has applied for more than 70 national patents, nearly 100 national trademarks, more than 10 national copyrights, and medical device sales licenses. Wopin Technology has the fifirst double-fifirst-class university (985, 211 engineering colleges) in China and a joint laboratory of hydrogen-rich technology for deep cooperation between schools and enterprises. It has a research and development team composed of more than 20 doctors and masters in electrochemistry professors from national double first-class universities.

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