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Water Flosser Function


Water flosser adopts a retractable water tank design.

There is a dental junction with the gums, and the grooves around the teeth but are not attached to the teeth, which is the most important junction that leads to the roots of the tooth, but the most powerful stain is the easiest. Places that cause teeth and gums disease. Gubgou and teeth are two least easy to clean, and have research points out "up to 40% of the tooth surface cannot be cleaned with toothbrush".

According to the relevant American institutions, the pressure water column can rush into the depth of 50-90% of the gingival sulum. The pressure water column can not only clean to various gap holes and bumps, but the effect can achieve microscopic thorough "cleaning" rather than just a macroscopic rough "clearance". In addition to the function of cleaning the dental oral, the Water Flosser has a massage to the gums, which can promote the blood circulation of the gum, enhance local tissue resistance, and eliminate bad breaths due to oral hygiene.